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About Explore Fauquier

Pam Trible Owens and Annie Malloy

Co-publishers Pam Owens and Annie Malloy

Business partners Annie Malloy and Pam Trible Owens have a vision: to bring awareness to the charm, character, and uniqueness of Fauquier County. They developed the idea of “Explore Fauquier”.

The two joined forces in 2019 and published Visiting Fauquier County and continued Relocating Fauquier County, which was originally Annie’s magazine. Annie and Pam hope to provide a vehicle to share community events, business, recreation, and entertainment to potential visitors, newcomers, and residents of the county. Bringing business to the area's small businesses is a key focus.

Annie Malloy has been working in the design field for over 20 years. She worked in web design for an online company called K-12 early in her career. She moved on to print design and has been designing a large publication near her hometown for the last 5 years. In 2018 she decided to publish her own magazine, Relocating Fauquier County. It was the most amazing professional experience of her life. Joining business partner Pam Owens in 2019, she continues to publish magazines.

Pam Owens began her career in publication layout and design, where she quickly moved into art direction for entire publications. A career shift to print advertising for small businesses provided experience from a marketing perspective. Her work as the advertising and marketing director for her family's local business gave Pam an additional viewpoint. For more than 28 years, Pam has remained true to her values: honesty, integrity, and exceptional quality.